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    Agent Handler can't install (Port 80 in use)

      Hi all, I am attempting to remotely install Agent Handler on a offsite server. But during installation, I was prompted that my Port 80 is in use by another program.


      But I couldn't figure out which program is using Port 80... Pls help.


      Error Msg Screen Capture



      Netstat Results :


      I ran this command: netstat -ano | findstr "80"

      Results :


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          I also ran : NetStat -o


          C:\>NetStat -o

          Active Connections

            Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID
            TCP    sttp-pdc:epmap         STTC-DRSERVER:45747    ESTABLISHED     732
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          STTP-SDC:1820          ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          STTP-SDC:2071          ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:2070  ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:4984  TIME_WAIT       0
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:4985  TIME_WAIT       0
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  STTP-SDC:1850          ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  SENGDUI_TENG:2164      ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  SHIRLEY_SIA:1402       ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  JENNIFER_TAN:2112      ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  DEFAULT:1935           ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  SAMANTHA2011:49870     ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds       ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  BOOKING:1044           ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds       ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds       ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  JERMAINE_LIM:1074      ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  KIMKWEE_NG:1596        ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  JENNIFER_CHENG:1070    ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1026          STTC-DRSERVER:45748    ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1026          STTC-DRSERVER:45761    ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1026          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1064  ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1026          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1249  ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1029     ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1030     ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1033     ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1048          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:ldap  CLOSE_WAIT      1920
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1061     ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1064          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1026  ESTABLISHED     2280
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1067       CLOSE_WAIT      7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1074          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1192  ESTABLISHED     3684
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1079    ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1081     ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1082          a.tribalfusion.com:http  ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1083          a.tribalfusion.com:http  ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1086    ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1087    ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1089          yfrog.imageshack.us:http  CLOSE_WAIT      7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1103          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1192  ESTABLISHED     4780
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1113          ezprints.com:http      ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1127     ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1128          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1192  TIME_WAIT       0
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1129    ESTABLISHED     7320
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1130    ESTABLISHED     7320
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1153          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1192  ESTABLISHED     5268
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1154          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1192  ESTABLISHED     5268
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1155          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1192  ESTABLISHED     5268
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1156          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1192  ESTABLISHED     5268
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1192          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1074  ESTABLISHED     2188
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1192          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1103  ESTABLISHED     2188
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1192          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1153  ESTABLISHED     2188
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1192          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1154  ESTABLISHED     2188
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1192          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1155  ESTABLISHED     2188
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1192          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1156  ESTABLISHED     2188
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1249          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1026  ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:2070          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:ldap  ESTABLISHED     2280
            TCP    sttp-pdc:2748    CLOSE_WAIT      5912
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ms-wbt-server  CONRAD_CHUNG:63811     ESTABLISHED     2676
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4730          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:ldap  CLOSE_WAIT      1920
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4968    ESTABLISHED     7320
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4969    ESTABLISHED     7320
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4976    ESTABLISHED     4780
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4980          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:microsoft-ds  TIME_WAIT      0
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4983          STTC-PDC:domain        TIME_WAIT       0
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4984          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:ldap  TIME_WAIT       0
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4989     ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4990     ESTABLISHED     7288
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1035  ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1036  ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1037  ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:ldap          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:2073  ESTABLISHED     428
            TCP    sttp-pdc:microsoft-ds  sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:4615  ESTABLISHED     4
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1035          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:ldap  ESTABLISHED     1888
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1036          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:ldap  ESTABLISHED     1888
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1037          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:ldap  ESTABLISHED     1888
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1137          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1138  ESTABLISHED     5268
            TCP    sttp-pdc:1138          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:1137  ESTABLISHED     5268
            TCP    sttp-pdc:2073          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:ldap  ESTABLISHED     1620
            TCP    sttp-pdc:4615          sttp-pdc.STTeleport.com:microsoft-ds  ESTABLISHED     4




          Does the above help?

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            Hi all, I used NetStat -n and found this


            C:\>netstat -n

            Active Connections

              Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
              TCP      ESTABLISHED



            It seems my server's Port 80 is connected to one of my user's system. How is that possible?


            Is he using some sort of Skpe that uses port 80? But why is it using my server's port 80 instead of my user's workstation own port?


            Most important question - How do I kill the process..? Heh heh heh...

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              You've almost certainly got some sort of web server listening on this machine... IIS is the usual culprit   If you do a nestat -abo  you should see the executable that's listening on 80.


              HTH -