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    Security Center blank, Virtual tech blank, mcupdate.exe appears not to run

      New 64-bit Dell with 30-day McAfee Security Center and IE 8 with factory defaults.


      Windows 7 Action Center is prompting me to run mcupdate.exe. I click, "Yes I trust this publisher..." and nothing happens. I've tried running mcupdate.exe from a DOS prompt as Administrator and nothing happens either.


      When I open Security Center, I get a blank white panel in the middle of the screen, nothing more. This happens whether I attempt to open from the taskbar or from Start.


      I download and run McAfee Virtual Technician. It opens a screen with a Windows frame, a gray border with "Virtual Technician at the top," and a white canvas with a gray border. Then it just sits there.


      Task Manager shows McAfee Security Center (mcagent.exe) and McAfee Virtual Technician Installer (MVTInstaller.exe *32) running.


      Services shows:

      McAfee Application Installer Cleanup, (not running, Automatic)

      McAfee Firewall Core Service, Started

      McAfee Network Agent, Started

      McAfee OOBE Service, (not running, Disabled)

      McAfee Personal Firewall, Started

      McAfee Proxy Service, Started

      McAfee Scanner, (not running), Manual

      McAfee Services, Started

      McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service, Started

      McAfee Virus Scan Announcer, Started

      McShield, Started