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    System Crashed in middle of Manual Decrypt


      System would not boot. 3 partitions. User data on 3rd Partion (E Drive).

      Went into Wintech to recover data. Authorised/Authenticated no problems. A43 would not open.

      Rebooted. Opened A43 first. Could see all 3 system drives/partitions. Opened Wintech. Went back to A43 and could see data. Tried to copy data to external I had attached. Would freeze after a few seconds. Manual Decrypt time.

      Rebooted and started manual decrypt and let it run. Power cable must have been loose because it turned off about 5 hours in. Last I looked at it had decrypted a little over 60 mil of 104 mil sectors.

      Rebooted and started manual decrypt again. First Mistake. Rebooted system again after realizing I probably should not have started again. Second Mistake.

      Rebooted. Opened A43 then Wintech and authorise/authenticate. No longer can see any user data. Can see data on the second partition but no user data there that user would need.


      Any suggestions?

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