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    Web reporter freezes


      After running a 30 day detailed report on any single user, I get the results and I am then able to send the report via email.


      As soon as I click on anything else, Quick View, Report,..., the broswer feezes for a long time.  If I leave it, it will eventually come back to life after sometimes 2-3 mins.


      This happens on every browser I tested and even on the web reporter server itself.



      The server has 4 gig of memory.  I watch the CPU on the Web Reporter server while running these reports and it is fine, doesn't go above 22% and drops right back down.

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          Sounds like you are experiencing this issue.




          What java version is installed on your clients (not the WR server, unless your client is the local server) ?


          How many results per page do you have displayed?  This is not the total number of results (1), but the number of results per page that is shown in the upper right corner of QV (2).  This could be something you expanded for a single report instance, or something you have configured under your profile.



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            I think this may be the issue.  I had 100 in the number of results per page.


            I will let you know once I test.  I am running version 1.6.0_23

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              If you are able to confirm that I've correctly identified the issue, then I recommend that you open a service request with Technical Support so that you are notified when a fix is available.  Until then, you can work around the issue by having fewer results per screen and/or downgrading the client JRE version to 1.6 update 11 or older.


              Here is the contact information for the Web Gateway Support team.


              Toll Free:      +1.800.700.8328
              International:  +1.651.628.1500
              United Kingdom: +44 (0) 870 460 4755
              Australia:      +61 1300 559 109


              Support Portal: https://mysupport.mcafee.com



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                Yes, this is the problem.  Thanks!