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    McAfee Housekeeping

      As a user who purchased a laptop (Toshiba) with Mcafee installed I am very disappointed that there are no basic housekeeping utilties to get rid of junk files created by McaFee.


      In looking at one file alone Mclogs\Mcinst there are almost 1000 Txt files dating back to 2008 when I originally purchased the laptop.


      How do I get rid of these with safety ? Are they really need ?


      What other files do I need to check.


      Quicklean does not get rid of them.


      I would welcome any suggestions or better still a utility to do the job automatically for me.

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          Reboot your computer in Safe Mode, make sure you close all the applications and then run Quick Clean and check the status. Moreover, certain temporary files could not be removed because either it’s used by Windows or any of the program that’s currently running on your computer.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            Won't quickclean find these files anyway without Safe Mode ?


            The 1000 files I referred to are purely MCafee files .

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              Like I said earlier, few program related files cannot be removed while its running on the computer. The reason for me to restart the computer in Safe Mode is, these files can be overridden over there so that you would be able to remove them easily

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                Turn off Access Protection in SecurityCenter by opening it and clicking Navigation (top-right) then General Settings & Alerts > Access Protection.

                Uncheck it and then click Apply.


                Boot into Safe Mode


                Go to the those folders on your hard drive, open them and check which ones you need to clear but only clear the contents of folders, not any folders themselves, there are many sub-folders which must remain intact.


                Highlight all the contents by clicking Edit/Select All and click Shift/Delete, they should all vanish.


                Whilst in Windows Safe Mode you might want to empty the VirusScan > Quarantine folder too.




                Reboot and reactivate Access Protection.


                I'm not sure why all those logs are there as they are supposed to self-destruct at 30 days of age.


                Maybe they got locked in place by an upgrade at some stage, who knows?





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                  I hope you noticed I edited the above post as there are so many folders involved.  If you have trouble locating them please advise your operating system as paths vary between systems.

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                    Thanks for all replies will try it sometime.

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                      You're welcome.