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    McAfee SecurityCenter Installation Error



      Back story:

           - About 6 months ago McAfee stopped working after an update (again).

           - In frustration, I removed McAfee from my PC.

           - A few days ago, I attempted to reinstall McAfee.

           - First Attempt:

                * Downloaded "McAfee SecurityCenter"(DMsetup.exe) from My Account.

                * Ran executable.

                * Successful download.  Error during Installation.

           - Second Attempt:

                * Deleted DMSetup.exe.  Downloaded a new one.

                * McPreInstall:

                     > Downloaded McPreInstall.exe.

                     > Ran executable.

                     > Received several similar error messages but also a final message about successful completion of McPreInstall.

                * Ran DMSetup executable.

                * Successful download.  Error during Installation.

           - Third attempt:

                * Defragmented.

                * Cleared out Temporary files.

                * Ran McPreInstall again.

                * Downloaded and Ran McAfee Virtual Technician.  It failed due to no installed McAfee Software.

                * Deleted and Downloaded New DMSetup.exe.

                * Ran DMSetup executable.

                * Same error.

           - Ended where I started, with no McAfee.



      Operating system:

           Dell PC

           Windows Vista Home Premium

           Service Pack 1  (Please don't ask me to install service pack 2, I've been trying to for years.)

           Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU


      Error Description:

           This error occurs after the DMSetup.exe has downloaded the software, while it is trying to install the SecurityCenter.

           Message box with the contents:


                The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction CS:124b IP:0122 OP:ffff 76 6b 0e

                Choose 'Close' to terminate the application."

           When I select 'Ignore,' the installation stalls all progress and the progress bar doesn't move for hours afterwards (or until I logoff).

           This always occurs about 1/4 the way through the installation progress.



      I'm looking for help, suggestions, and solutions to this installation problem.  I appreciate any help that can be provided! Thank you!