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    Updating of McAfee Security Center for long-term subscription

      I was wondering if there are new retail versions of McAfee Security Center for sale, will it be possible for current users of McAfee Security Center with long-term licenses to update their programs to the new ones as long as their suscription is still active?

      This is because I have a McAfee Security Center 36-months license currently active based on the McAfee Security Center 2010 edition. And since MSC 2011 has already been released, is it possible if current users whose licenses are active is able to enjoy the newest features added into future versions of the software as long as their license subscriptions are still active?

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          Peter M

          The MSC you see released is merely a re-boxed 2010 version which is done every year for competitive reasons....they all do it...and I wish they wouldn't!


          The 2011 product is in fact still in public beta testing, but when released, any valid subscription will auto-upgrade to the newer version when it becomes available.    Release times vary world-wide as it's impossible to release to every single server simultaneously.


          If you're interested and have a spare machine or partition with a spare operating system on it you could test the beta and give feedback.  The more bugs that get reported the better!   Support is via Bug Reports and a private section of these forums.