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    Central management for proxyHA

      Hello All,


      Could you please help me in understanding how central management is working with webGW? I would like to use the same policy for 2 pieces of webGW7 appliance, but can't achieve this.I dont know whether it has an impact on the configuration, that I would make those 2 webGWs work in a proxyHA configuration? (ProxyHA is working, by the way).

      I attached my config (based on the community here and the documentation), but it is not working. Could someone have a look at it?




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          Hi Peter,


          I think there is probably some misunderstanding here. Did you configure the Central Managment Hosts in the Central Management -> IP addresses for central Management communication?


          In this area you will only define the local listeners for Central Management, e.g. if your host has the IP addresses





          you would simply add



          If you want to use a dedicated interface, only add the local IP of that interface. To add a node to the Central Management you won´t add it to this list! To add a node you will need to push the "Add" button you can see in the upper left corner ot the "Configuration" tab. After you clicked it you are asked to enter the IP address of the remote side. Simply enter the IP address of the remote host here. The IP address has to match one of those IPs you configured as a listener on "IP addresses for central Management communication" on the remote side.


          Please let me know if that helps.




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            Hello Andre,


            Thanks for your reply, now I could do it, and now I understand the way it works.

            I attached a screenshoot about where to click for later reference (just because it was not evident at all, at least for me).

            So you select "configuration" -> "Central Management Configuration", and at the upper left corner "Add" and feed the IP address of the other node (in my example is the node I was configuring, and 99.12 the other node). Other settings are the defaults in the "Central Management Configuration" menu.

            I tested central mgmt with and without proxyHA, it works fine in both cases.






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