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    How to create a DLP report



      i have this issue, i have the epo 4.5 and when i want to create a DLP report, i only can export the filtering but i want to export the details becouse i need the name of the file that the user is loging on the DLP monitor.


      thanks for your help.

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          Not sure what version of DLP you are using but you can export the correct information using "DLP Monitor"


          Logon to ePO Console -> Menu -> Data Protection -> DLP Monitor


          Filter the results to the correct events/user etc then click File -> Export and then you have 2 options choose the one that matches your requirements.


          I'm not 100% sure if you can do the same thing using ePO Queries, because I created my own Reporting GUI front end to produced better reports.





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            Hi there IAN,


            thanks for your answer,  but finally i can export the evidence data by a query:  Logon to ePO Console ->Queries->shared groups->Data Loss Prevention-> in this case DLP: Daily Events distribution by Severity ->edit the query ->and when you choose the columns, choose the most appropiatte for your requirement.-> export data and done.


            My DLP version is 9.0


            I hope that this information is useful.


            best regards.