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    End of Life announcement for SanDisk manufactured Encrypted USB devices

      McAfee Encrypted USB devices (EUSB) keep sensitive data safe and secure, wherever it goes. McAfee has partnered closely with MXI Security and SanDisk to bring the EUSB devices to market for our customer base. The product line is steadily ramping up and the product line enjoyed some of its best revenue quarters during the second half of 2010.


      Over the past few years, McAfee and SanDisk have collaborated and jointly marketed EUSB devices. However, in November 2010 SanDisk did a reorganization and reassessed their investment in the enterprise encrypted USB device business. Based on that, SanDisk determined that it is not feasible to continue the collaboration and hence, the SanDisk devices sold as McAfee Encrypted USB will be discontinued. As a result, McAfee will remove all SanDisk devices from our price book, collateral and web site in the Q2 2011 timeframe. The last day of sale for the SanDisk devices will be March 31, 2011.


      McAfee and SanDisk are fully committed to support existing customers and fulfill any current obligations we have made. Customers are entitled to warranty and support as per the existing agreements. Consequently, the last day of hardware warranty (RMA) for SanDisk devices will be March 31, 2012 and the last day of software support for SanDisk will be September 30, 2011.


      Feature-wise, the SanDisk product is replaced by the "McAfee Encrypted USB Standard Powered by MXI" device. The feature set is identical, as is the range of device capacities (the replacement device is also available with 32 GB and 64 GB capacity). The replacement device is managable by McAfee ePO and does come with McAfee Anti-Virus on-board.


      Sales and Support for devices manufactured by MXI Security is not affected by discontinuing the SanDisk devices.


      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact