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    System Tool 2011, does McAfee get rid of this after it has attached itself?

      Firstly, let me point out that when it comes to computers and things like this, i am useless.


      System Tool 2011 had previously found its way on to my laptop at the back end of last year, and i didnt know what to do, so took it to my local PC World who got rid for a small price. I then installed McAfee to avoid a repeat at some point in the future. Unfortunately lastnight, System Tool 2011 started to do it's thing again, leaving a nice shortcut, the fake scans, changing the desktop background etc. I then attempted to click onto McAfee to sort it out, with System Tool initially blocking it. I managed to open McAfee a couple of attempts later, and ran a complete scan. After an hour or so, the scan was complete, and nothing had been flagged up. I deleted the shortcut for System Tool, along with a couple of other bits, and it disappeared from the Task Bar where it had been housing itself all along. I then restarted my laptop, and the background had reverted back to normal, no fake scans were running on opening, and the little flag where System Tool had been had not reappeared.


      What i really want to know is, how likely is it that it has been deleted, as everything seems back to normal?


      Apologies for my ignorance on the issue!

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