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    Executuin Path, unrecognised programs formatting issue

      Hi -


      Can someone in McAfee add a bug to their internal reporting system?


      Rollover the image name of an unrecognised program in the firewall report "unrecognised programs" the execution path is not formatted correctlly with backslashes so its difficult to read, ie there is no separator between folders in the path or the filename...


      I mean - really, come on.....there are so many of these issues its appalling.


      And when, oh when oh when are we ever going to have a separation of detection types? Im sick and tired of this all detection type summary reports, thousands of cookies reported.


      Come on - break the detetction type down in the reports. Use colours or whatever on the detections widget on the dashboard to give us a picture of the different types, ie malware, buffer over flow etc


      Instead of this useless graph of cookie detections.


      So much low hanging fruit here, it would only take one developer a short space of time to at least show us you cared about quality....


      Has anyone considered alternatives to this service and if so - would anyone be prepared to post here letting me know? even in private?


      Jaded - AGAIN



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          I have read your post.

          We shall surely cascade the information and your feedback, on the reports and detections summary that is being sent out to you, to our engineering team and we hope these feedbacks will make them modify the way the reports are being sent in the future.

          Thank you.


          Pritish P.

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            Hi Pritish - Very kind of you to reply.


            For what it is worth, my comments have been repeated more than once over the last 2.5 years. I have submitted to your bug system many such comments including the one about separating how detetctions are displayed to be any sort of useful report. This applies to the widgets on the security center as well.


            Rarely, if ever, has anything ever been done about them, Not that I seek all my thoughts implemented, but the common sense ones, the ones that detract from the professionalism of the product?




            Ive also added many comments here in this forum when it first appeared. The one feature that was added - the execution path of unrecognised programs was finally added and not even done properly as I reported above. The quality factor islow here, is noone checking this UI?????  Please can someone scour this forum,and your bug database and at least implement the low hanging fruit that makes sense to improve the perceived quality of this service....


            I wrote "jaded" in my post above because that is exactly what I am about this service.


            I reported usability problems with the firewall long time ago, for outgoing applications and accross 50 nodes, its simply unusable - its not worth the management headache, its clumsy and badly thought out. So, we just put it in reporting mode and hope for the best.....but, im not going to start on that again,....just scour the forums and youll see the distress....


            Many thanks for your reply, and dont take the comments personally, but this is currently a 2.5 out of 5 star product.




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              I have read your post.

              We at McAfee always work to satisfy all customers needs.

              We assure you that our development team is really working hard to resolve every issue and to make the McAfee SaaS product more user friendly.


              Pritish P.