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    Nagging box about renewing subscription, have over a year left still.

      I have this irritating pop up box, from McAfee stating that my subsrciption is about to expire. This is a Brand new computer ( purchased around Christmas 2010, deliverd in mid january ) and this isnt my first issue with McAfee. But more on my current issue: This box pops up at random, and takes focus away from whatever i am doing. if i close it it might stay gone for a day, might pop up in 5 minutes. It really frustrating. I have one and a half years left before i should be pesterd to renew. Right now this is acting more like the addware it is supposed to detect.

      How do i make it stop nagging? (see picture)

      Also when i look at the scan history it show the number of detections but doesnt show what they were, and two if which were the execs for some Command and Conqure games, what gives?


      my other issues were with McAfee for mac deciding that critical system files were viruses and deleating them bricking a Imac and a Macbook...I was not happy.

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