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    The Password for Unlocking CLI

      I was just wandering why there is password option in the solidcore general policies if i can'd use it, or maybe i can't find the option in the CLI evan in the advanced mode, i have only the recover from lockdown and even there i don't need to unlock it with a password, so where do i need the password?

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          I'm not 100% clear from your question, but i'll try to answer based on what I think you are asking...


          The "lockdown settings" category within the Solidcore general policy sets the local CLI password on managed hosts; this is the password that must be used in order to unlock the local CLI and begin to manage the host locally. The policy is applied just as any other point product policy is applied to any managed node in ePO. If you find you can open up the local CLI on managed hosts without a password challenge, it is likely that you have the default category policy assigned to your managed host, or you have not assigned a specific lockdown setting policy to your managed hosts.