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    Problems with the Anti-Theft

      All that I have had with Anti-Theft is problems-

      For some wierd reason, it just disappeared as if it was never installed. And all I could see was a MySafe.Vault file created in November 2010 in the %AppData%\Local\McAfee Anti-Theft folder.

      I am using Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit OS. Was too busy so did not pay much attention. However, today, I tried to access the files in that vault by reinstalling the program by downloading it again from my subscriptions, and choosing the option to load the vault, I am able to load it, but it asks me to format the vault.

      Now, why would I do that?

      I want the files inside the vault.

      I love the McAfee Anti Virus, but unfortunately cannot say the same about Anti Theft.

      Can someone please help me in recovering my files?