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      • 50. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

        I understand the re-blocking following a browser update and I think that's reasonable behavior for McAfee.  Like Lori, though, I'm seeing a different problem.


        I'm seeing the approve/block popup for Google Chrome appear dozens of times today, even though I have made no updates.  I did apply updates to both Windows 7 and McAfee SaaS yesterday, but the blocking problems seem to be limited to Google Chrome.  Sometimes, 5 or more alerts will appear in a matter of seconds.  When I check the application list, Chome is listed as approved, yet the alerts keep coming.



        Windows 7 SP1 with all recent updates applied

        Google Chrome 18.0.1025.118

        McAfee SecurityCenter 5.2.3 Patch 4

        Firewall Engine

        Browser Protection

        Connection Type: Untrusted Network (The issues started during my trip to mainland China, though they are not affecting my colleague with a similar setup)


        Is there a way to stop this?

        • 51. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

          Changing the status of the wireless network to Trusted does not seem to fix anything.

          • 52. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

            I never get a popup either.  I just can't access the  internet and this is always the reason why.

            • 53. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

              If chrome allowed full access within the firewall permissions (Internet connections for programs)? If you use IE can you access the net?


              Try resetting the firewall to defaults..

              • 54. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

                Hi I've been having the same problem. For me it's not much effort to change the settings once in a while but for my parents (who have the same problem, and are not that good with computers) it's quite annoying.


                The thing is; If it's a problem of the .exe file of chrome changing, then why does rebooting your computer stop the problem? At both mine and my parents PC turning the PC off and on makes the problem go away. Furthermore chrome releases a new update around every six weeks I believe, and the firewall blocks every other day or so. Internet explorer always works though.

                • 55. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

                  While waiting for some1 who has chrome maybe the turning off stops the you allowing full access to chrome so that is why the every other day issue.

                  • 56. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

                    There have been 2 updates to Chrome in the last week and both times it changed the permission in firewall settings from Full to Outgoing, I can understand why it does this and for me it's not really a big problem to change it back, but for my wife and kids it means they cannot use the PC once blocking starts.


                    However there are some issues that I do not understand:


                    1. Last week there was an update to Firefox, I got the McAfee Pop-Up warning and continued to use Firefox without problems, when I checked permissions for Firefox in McAfee Firewall it was still set to Full. Why can Firefox update without problems yet Chrome cannot?


                    2. When Chrome updates it changes the permission to Outgoing every time, but it can be several hours before it starts to block, sometimes even the next day. Why is this?



                    It is now more than a year since this thread started, I joined it in November, and as far as I can see McAfee have done nothing to fix the problem.


                    When my 3 year subscription expires next year I will not be renewing, I have 2 other PC's operating with an alternative product that never has this problem, and cheaper too.

                    • 57. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

                      I have placed this back on the agenda for our Monday call. They were doing testing on another mod's PC as he uses Chrome. I will update this when I hear anything

                      • 58. Re: Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

                        I have been having the same issue for months now.  I'm running Windows Vista.  Google Chrome works fine, then it stops working (while firefox and IE continue to work).  I go into Firewall settings and McAfee has changed Chrome to Outgoing.  I change it back to Full.  Google Chrome works again.  Anywhere from a few hours to a few days later, Chrome stops working again, and I have to go into settings and do it all over again.


                        Super annoying.  Takes me a few minutes everytime to figure out what's going on and fix it.  Will definitely not renew McAfee if this isn't fixed soon. 

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