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    Mcafee re-blocks google chrome

        McAfee is blocking access to google chrome, and I have gone into the firewall settings and allowed access to google chrome.  But Mcafee occasionally overrides the permission and reblocks google chrome.  I can go back and rechange the settings, but why does mcafee reblock google chrome (is it symptomatic of another problem -- malware?) and is there a way to stop mcafee from doing it?

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          Sorry for the delayed response. When you say McAfee blocks Google Chrome – what happens exactly are you not able to navigate to websites or the program does not opens only? Have you made Google chrome as your default browser, if no then make it as your default browser and check the status.

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            I have the same problem as the op. I have set Chrome as my default browser. I have also set the access in the firewall to full. Every so often the notification in the right hand corner will come up saying a programme wants access. It is listed as Google Chrome and in the file location that Google Chrome is in. I can navigate around sites without any trouble if I leave the notification up and I can keep on browsing if I click always allow or allow once (I usually click always allow but it doesnt seem to matter). If I click block thats when I can no longer browse but I only did it once as a test to see if it was actually Google Chrome and not some other malacious software (I did this after it kept on comming up even after I had given it full access as I was confused as to why it kept on asking me when it already had full permisions).

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              Did you give it access after a pop up or did you add it through on firewall.If not you can try one more time.Here is an article with the exact way described here.


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                I accessed it through the firewall. I changed the settings in the way described on the link. Yet I still get asked for permission every so often, for Chrome to access the internet.

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                  Kindly confirm the below details:-

                  Let me know how long you are using McAfee along with Google Chrome?


                  What are the version details of McAfee Security Center & Firewall?

                  (Navigation: Click Navigation on the top right > select About on the Middle left, under McAfee Resources)


                  Also let me know what is the version detail of Google Chrome?


                  If McAfee is a fresh installation, then let me know what was your previous Security program?



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                    I have similar problem. Google Chrome fine, then suddently not fine - blocked. I have to delete and then re-add the program permission. But it remains blocked for other users on the PC. Microsoft Outlook works. Conspiracy? Or cock-up? Whats the fix?

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                      Have been using both Chrome and Mcafee for a few years in harmony, now (in last few weeks) suddenly Mcafee is regularly blocking program permissions to' outgoing only'. Forces me to.reset permisssions at least weekly.  VERY VERY FRUSTRATING. please fix

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                        Every time Google Chrome goes to a new version it installs a new set of files and McAfee treats it as a brand new program the first time it runs. I see the firewall request as well and it only has to be clicked on once, at least until the next Chrome update.


                        Edit.  Are you only seeing this for Chrome or for other programs?


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                          I have been having problems with Chrome being blocked by something since the 11th Nov, for many months before that it had been working 100% the it would suddenly stop loading webpages, reboot and it would be OK again for a few hours. When Chrome stops loading pages IE and Firefox still work ok.


                          Yesterday I saw reference to the McAfee permissions issue on another forum so checked mine and sure enough it was set to outgoing only (Firefox also sent to outgoing yet that works fine!) I changed permissions to full for Chrome and it worked fine all day yesterday, but this morning McAfee did an update and changed it back!!!


                          Why does Firefox work ok, and Chrome ok most of the time with permission set to outgoing??? And why has has Chrome worked OK for the last 18 months with McAfee firewall, well it has for me but others appear to have had this problem for a few months.


                          Hayton, sorry I just realised I replied to you, should have been a reply to the thread


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