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    Can not run a manual scan

      Hello all.  I'm new here and hoping someone can help me with this, please.  It seems that I am unable to manually run any sort of scan with my McAfee Total Protection product.   My "Home" page shows Green, with a check-mark, and says "Your computer is secure (no action is required)".  Beneath that it says "Stay Protected.  Scan your PC Now", with the message that it's been over a month since it's been scanned.

      OK, all features are "active", "realtime scanning" is "on", everything is on, current, and up-to-date, however.... every time I choose to run a scan, I

      IMMEDIATELY get a red pop-up message that reads:  "An error has ocurred.   An unexpected problem ocurred during your scan.  Please click OK to go back to the Home page, and then try running your scan again".   There is no more specific information than that, and it happens immediately

      after I click "run scan".


      Could someone help me to resolve this please?   Oh, I am using Windows XP, if that helps.  heh heh.   Thank you very kindly.



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          Hi Speediebean,

          Please try running McAfee Virtual Technician from here: mvt.mcafee.com/

          Please let me know what happens after that.



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            Hi Conor and thank you very much for such a prompt reply.  I'm so sorry that I'd forgotten to mention that I did run Virtual Technician, several

            times in fact, and yet I still can't seem to run a scan.    (VT was the first thing I tried).   It did, however, fix my need for a DAT update! 

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              Conor, FYI the MVT URL is http://mvt.mcafee.com  no www. before the mvt.etc.

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                What happens when you right-click the taskbar icon and select 'Run a scan'?





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                  Good morning Ex-Brit.  When I right-click the task bar icon, I get a drop down menu from which to choose full, quick or custom scan.  Regardless

                  of which one I choose, I am taken to my McAfee "Home" page immediately, with all systems showing 'in the green', looking exactly as I

                  described above with a button marked "full scan" for me to click, and one to "dismiss".   Immediately after that comes the very same reddened

                  pop-up box, nearly on top of that, toward the top of the first window, with exactly the same vague error message.

                  I'm trying to be clear without being too wordy; when I say "immediately", I mean, in about the blink of an eye or slightly less. 

                  I've tried checking into everywhere I can think of, to make sure everything that needs to be enabled is so et al, but I must admit, I'm probably the least computer-savvy person you've got in this nice place.  =/   I appreciate your time... collectively. 

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                    OK is this XP SP3 and totally up to date, I trust?   Right-click My Computer, either on your desktop or in Start/All Programs and select Properties.  It will tell you there.


                    Also open Internet Explorer and go to Help/About and post what version number it says there.


                    As a precaution scan your machine using an independent scanner such as the FREE version of THIS tool, but update it before running.


                    (Useful tool to keep around for general malware issues).


                    Let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if it asks you to.


                    Lastly, if you are in the habit of using a registry cleaner, stop now.


                    You said "I'm probably the least computer-savvy person you've got in this nice place"....this is the home product we are talking about I hope as it sounds like an office?


                    Don't worry we all started out pretty computer-naive.



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                      My bad, it wouldn't just let me do mvt.mcafee.com, So then I tried www,

                      Which didn't work, telling me it's an invalid address, so I ended up doing HTTP://



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                        No problem...;-)

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                          Lovely morning to you Kind Sir.


                          I'll start by answering directly to your queries:  Yes, it is an XP SP3, yes, everything is up-to-date.  I run IE 8.0.  (by the way, it's a home-use

                          PC).  All drivers are up-to-date, et al.


                          I downloaded and ran the anti-malware software, the link for which you provided.  I followed your directions implicitly, rebooting as directed.

                          Found were 16 total items, including 14 malware and 2 Trojans.  All were quarantined and deleted, or so the software told me.  (yes, I'm

                          a software-whisperer).  I rebooted again after that, tried once again to run my McAfee scan... same error message yet again.  Alas, I think I shall


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