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    Scan run time???

      Does anyone know how long a scan runs - time wise?  I started one last night at 11PM and the stupid thing is STILL running - 16 HOURS later

      Needless to say - it's background manipulations hamper efficient running of other things.  Thanks so much

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          Sometimes this happens with Mcafee.Do you have a lot of large files?You can try a custom scan and exclude zipped files.This may help

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            Am beginning to think I have a corrupt download - I finally ended it at 6:45 PM and it had only scanned 5463 files of those, 5462 were cookies and there it had quit.  Guess I had better contact McAfee technical, to see what to do - thanks for trying   I think that after 18.75 hrs of "scanning" it should have completed it's task.  I'm also one of those blessed with the dreaded pop-up problem - so am beginning to think that something was rotten with my download.


            Thanks again!

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              Why don`t you run Mvt first before doing that?On the top of this page under usful links.Then click technical support.Try it and see what it finds. good luck

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                Peter M

                It may quit if it reads disk errors in which case you should run a disk check, or if there's a corrupt file somewhere along the line that it can't unpack, that can happen after an infection or if some registry cleaners have been running, or even if there are an abnormal number of compressed files as it has to unpack every one of them.  For instance a compressed drive would take forever to scan.


                Then there's the setting in VirusScan > Scheduled Scan Settings to use minimal resources, that makes it take much longer too.


                Technical Support Chat is probably your best bet at getting it fixed quickly as we could go on speculating the cause indefinitely.



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                  Thank you both for your helpful ideas - had ISP connectivity difficulties for a few hours last evening, so put it all aside until that was resolved.

                  Never heard of the Mvt - and couldn't find a corresponding link - and didn't want to guess - so will go ahead and contact technical instead of fumbling around blindly and proving ingorance - lol I'd rather ask than screw it up more  Thanks again

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                    Peter M

                    MVT = McAfee Virtual Technician, can often fix a problem on its own:  http://mvt.mcafee.com

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                      Sorry I forgot to direct you to the right place.You can usually find these tools under useful links at top of this page.But now I have a question.

                      Peter is there a different address for Mvt?I went to the top of this page and clicked useful links, to see if it was same as what you offered.It was different.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thanks newjack

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                        Peter M

                        The address I gave for MVT is the direct download address.  The links above get you there indirectly if you click Technical Support and then the Chat and Email option.

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                          Am having a slight difficulty with the MVT - the window that opens is so small and you cannot expand the page for a scroll down bad or entry point - any suggestions?????  Am trying to GET there, but can't! 

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