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    Regarding competitivecheck.ini

      The autodomain script stops proceeding with the encryption client install, if it checks for competing products like PGP/ PointSec. I would like to know how would a full disk encryption software interfere with a file & folder encryption software on a laptop (assuming McAfee's file & folder is not used yet and assuming the target user has been using PGP/ Trucrypt for file & folder encryption).


      I would assume there may be potential low level driver file issues, but i could get around understanding a conflict, that can be caused by a sector based full disk encryption's functionality with file & folder encryption.

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          I think the problem is PGP have moved from not installing/starting their driver unless FDE was active, to installing (and starting) it anyway.


          you'd need to modify the INI file to look for something else - like for example an instance of a unique driver running, or a filter entry?


          please let us know when you find a good test though so we can all use it!



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            actually, looking at the latest info, I don't see that PGP have changed anything?


            So, if you're not using PGP WDE, AutoDomain should proceed and allow EEPC to activate?


            Are you saying your experience is different?