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    McAfee ePO App Server Crashing on Repo Pulls

      We have a 4.5 Patch 3 ePO server that stopped pulling updates from internal http server.  In looking at the logs on both the IIS server and the ePO server it was evident that the files were successfully being downloaded, but they were not being imported into the ePO server.   The Update Repository task was hanging at 100%.  It trying to troubleshoot we deleted the existing DAT from the ePO server and attempted another pull.  However, now the ePO Application Server service crashes on each attempt and no errors are logged up until the time of the 7031 error in the System log.


      All other 4.5 and 4.0 servers are successfully pulling updates from the IIS server just fine.  Any ideas on what may have caused the server to stop importing updates and more importantly how to keep the service from crashing?