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    False Positive!

      Hi All


      After a recent McAfee update one of my games has started showing up as a False Artemis.


      If i disable the Real Time Scanning & Firewall, it lets me Restore the .exe but once i launch the Game and start playing, it closes it after about 2 Minutes and deletes it again (with McAfee disabled).


      I have read the article about sending it to Avert Labs and McAfee with FALSE as the title but, it is an MMORPG Game which is updated weekly meaning it makes changes to the "Client" so even if they do allow it, the exe they send me back will only be valid for a week?


      I have McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 so does anyone know when a new release will be out that allows me to leave that folder alone, or does anyone have any suggestions?


      Thank you in advance for any responses!