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    McAfee Security Center - Software Upgrade (Restart)

      My home computers were all recently upgraded to the newer version of Cox/McAfee. Since then, my Vista based continually show a dialog box which says "Software Upgrade - Please restart your PC to upgrade to the latest version of McAfee Security Center".


      I have had 4 different sessions with McAfee technicians. One tech had me run a bat file which checked and changed a registry key. Another tech had me completely unistall (include the unistall tool) and re install, another tech had me ensure that all the "important" window updates were applied and had me turn off PC Tools Spyware Doctor and then go through the process of unistalling and reinstalling McAfee again, and the latest round with the technician suggested that I call Microsoft to see if they had any issues (c'mon man!).


      During the brief period between when I restart the computer (as instructed by McAfee) and when the dialog box appears, I am able to open McAfee Security center. When I open it and check for updates, it always seems to find updates and goes through an installation process...even though I've just updated and rebooted. So I believe that either 1) the updates have not been applied or 2) some indicator has not been reset telling McAfee that it is updated.


      Any thoughts ?

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