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    Activation problem

      Hi..I have bought dell laptop on 17 jan 2010. I am using proxy for internet. But I am not able to activate McAfee. Activation unsuccessful comes as a msg. There is no proxy setting in McAfee window. Plz help me.

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          Hi Vinod Choudhary,

          You cannot have McAfee when you use a proxy for the internet.

          To remove you're proxy settings do this:

          1.    Please  open Internet Explorer and click Tools -> Internet options.


          2.    Please  click on Connections tab.


          3.    Click LAN Settings… and a window named LAN Settings will open.


          4.    Please  uncheck all options and click on Ok.


          5.    Please  close Internet Explorer window.



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            Vinod – your University’s internet connection may be an secured one that’s the reason you are unable to activate them, if you are using a laptop try to activate them by using a different internet connection.