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    File names excluded from On-Demand scanning still get scanned when inside zip file.

      Hi all,


      does anyone else encounter the following problem ?


      I would like to put an exclusion on a specific file name, to avoid it being scanned during on-demand scans. However, the exclusion seems to be ignored if the excluded filename is located within a zip file.


      I tested the following :

      - logged on a machine

      - created a dummy infected file C:\temp\infected.txt , containing the Eicar string (it actually also works with any real infection)

      - zippped the file into "archive.zip"

      - click Start > Programs > McAfee > On-Demand Scan

      "Scan Locations" tab : c:\temp\

      "Scan Items" tab : checked "Scan inside archives (e.g. .ZIP)"

      "Exclusions" tab : Exclusion by name : added "infected.txt"

      "Reports tab" : Checked "Session settings"

      - clicked "Start" to run the scan task


      VirusScan would then report an infected file named "infected.txt", located in "archive.zip" (although "infected.txt" is supposed to be excluded from scanning).

      If I review the log file ( %VSEDEFLOGDIR%\OnDemandScanLog.txt ), I can see that the exclusion on files named "infected.txt" was taken into account for this scan task, but that the file has still been reported as infected.


      Is this the normal behaviour of exclusions in VSE 8.7 ?  Or did I miss something ?



      Thanks in advance,




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