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    How can this be justified?



      I have two quite simple questions.


      At the moment I have Internet Security Suite installed and the subscription renewal is due in March 2011, the price of this renewal has been quoted to me at £54.99 for a year, for 1 PC.


      Now, I have noticed that if I was a 'new customer' and wanted to buy the same product, then the price quoted is only £39.99, for the same time period and cover.


      A difference of £15.00!!!


      I would like to know why new customers are favoured more than existing, loyal customers. While I realise new customers have to be tempted with discount deals, I also think that existing customers are getting a raw deal. I have used this product for 2 years now and have seen the price increase every time I renew. Surely existing customers should have some sort of loyalty deal with their renewal.


      I have switched automatic renewal off, so at the moment I will not be renewing my subscription and I am looking elsewhere for protection, until I receive a satisfactory explanation of this pricing.


      My second question is, why on the support page can I not access 'email support' and I am only presented with 'chat support', I can not click the 'email support' button at all.


      I don't want to chat with anyone, I don't want to telephone a customer support representative, I simply want to send an email with my questions and grievances. So why is this not available to me?


      Looking forward to anyone who can answer these questions satisfactorily.