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    McAfee Real-Time Scan blocks Photoshop sync

      I am using Photoshop Elements, ver. 7.0 and a conflict appears present with McAfee Internet Security Real-Time scanning.  Photoshop software has a feature allowing the user to synchronize their photo and video files to Photoshop.com.  There is limited free online storage space for all registered users and for people with larger photo portfolios (like me), you can purchases aditional space.  I just recently discovered that my paid Photoshop.com web-site has not updated a single photo since July 2010.  Naturally I went to Photoshop to investigate and after scanning through several blogs I found a thread on the Adobe support page indicating that McAfee Real-Time scan was blocking the Adobe syncdb file.  So I turned off my McAfee Real-time scanning and my Photoshop sync service started the large task of synchronizing 7 months worth of photos.  According to Adobe there is no known work around except to turn off Real-Time scanning and other anti-virus prorgams do not affect the Photoshop sync feature.


      Do you have any other ideas?  I am not comfortable leaving real-time scanning off plus I get persistant warnings from my McAfee that my computer is not safe.