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    My McAfee 3-User Internet Security says it's deactivated

      I am using an AMD 64x2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.4GHz processor with 3 GB RAM.  My OS is Windows 7 32-bit.  I have a subscription to 3-User Internet Security which is set to expire in Decebmer of 2011.  I have 1 extra license available without this computer's license.  My software says that it is deactivated.  I have logged onto My Account on McAfee and it shows that this computer was activated.  I had multiple instances of this computer in my subscription.  Most were deactivated 1 was not.  I thought that the multiple instances may be interferring with the subscription so I uninstalled McAfee on this computer then I renamed the computer and reinstalled McAfee on my computer.  When the software first loaded it said that it was good, then a few seconds later the software said that my software is deactivated.   I logged onto my account and found this instance of my newly named computer in the subscription list.  The list says that my computer is active.  So I checked for updates, but the software still came up saying that it is deactivated although the subscription list says otherwise.  I ran the McAfee Virtual Technician but the Virtual Technician found no errors.  I then tried to check for updates again.  It still says that the software is deactivated.  I waited a day after installation then checked for updates again but still I get the same software is deactivated message.  I tried to do the free chat but I never got a response.  Please help.