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    Bypass ICAP Server in MWG 6.8.7




      Is it possible in MWG 6.8.7 to bypass the ICAP server for hostnames based on a regex? We want to bypass the ICAP service for simple hostnames, for example http://smile (it's not fully qualified) because we are routing all http/https/ftp-traffic via proxy.pac to the  MWGs and want to bypass content filtering for internal hosts.


      My first try was to define ([A-Za-z0-9_-]+) but this didn't work.


      Any help will be appreciated.




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          Why don't you simply bypass proxying to simple  hostnames in the proxy.pac file instead?


          You can do this by the function:

          if (isPlainHostName(host)) { return DIRECT; }


          This is what most people do.

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            Hi Erik!


            That's what we do today.


            But we have to separate our test-environment from the development-environment. So in the future we will have two different zones protected by a firewall and the MGW will be the central communication gateway between the two zones. Only the MGW will be allowed to contact the services in the test-environment. Unfortunately there are some common  services in the test-environment which should be reached by the short name, i.e. http://smile



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              The shell expression patterns in MWG 6.8 are limited. They don't behave like regex.

              Version 7 has the ability to do that very easily because you can apply rules to just the URL.Host itself and not the whole URL (scheme://host:port/path?parameters)


              I can't see an easy way to isolate a host with no periods in the name without it scanning the entire path, other than putting specific hosts into the ICAP bypass list itself.



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                Thank you for the information although I've hoped for better news. Well, so I'm trying to get a list of all those services and define them by the usual way.