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    Here we go again

      So,After the my citrix imagination i encountered a Mcafee problem today.I was recording some music when i finished i saved it and logged off.When i logged back on i noticed that real time scanner would not stay on.I tried to turn on but it kept shutting off.So i ran virtual tech.The report said I had 2 problems.I hit fix.V tech said it was fixed.I ran the scan again then it said something about a system restore.I never did a system restore today.Although i created a restore point earlier.Finally i restored to the point i created earlier.I then ran virtual tech and finally it stuck.The real time scanning was fixed.Does anyone know why this would not fix?I have all of the images below.Also i noticed in internet options there are 3 trusted items

      2 of which are Mcafee.I have deleted these before & not sure how these keep coming back.I don`t keep anything as a trusted item.

                                                                                                                               thanks newjack



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          Also Internet explorer has crashed twice today. Mcafee crashed the other day,still don`t know why.As i was clicking on Mcafee security awareness link IE crashed again.

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            Hi Newjack,

              Not sure what the main problem is there but having IE crash is ... well, par for the course for IE  :-)


            Have you tried running a couple of the Microsoft diagnostics? I've found these quite useful -


            First, the Baseline Security Analyzer. Checks for security holes, makes sure that all your IE bits are up to date. The link is to version 2.11, which is fine if you're running a not-quite-up-to-the-minute Microsoft OS. works fine for XP, certainly. There's also a link from the Microsoft site to this recommended 3rd-party, who provide a tool to check the security of older Microsoft apps, if you want it. I might give it a go, I'll let you know if it's any good.


            Second, good ol' Microsoft Fixit. Goes in, sorts out IE problems ... up to a point. Some of them, anyway. It might be your problem is not with IE but with one or more of the add-ons. So if Fixit doesn't, well, fix it try running IE in basic mode, without add-ons, and see if it still crashes.


            If all else fails, there's always the option to reset IE to its basic defaults in Tools/Internet Options/Advanced. Only if all else fails, mind, but I once had to do it and IE ran a lot quicker afterwards.

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                Don't bother with the 3rd-party app unless you really want to use it. It's a 55Mb download and it's trying to install SQL Server on my machine even as I type this. Probably not a must-have, I reckon.

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                I have those trusted sites as well think put in by Mcafee

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                  Thanks Hayton, My main problem was with Mcafee.I have been having problems with the so called "smart timer" This is 2011.I am using a 2010 product and this problem has not been rectified yet.The problem occurred when I end up having to manually update.The other day I noticed my dat had not updated for 2 days so I ran MVT.Then virtual tech said my dat should be 6243 and I had a registry problem as seen above.When I was done though Mcafee had me at 6244???The real time scanner would not turn on.When I went to post here is when IE crashed.

                  I have never had real time scanner problem.Although i never had a remote application(that i don`t have on my computer) look for Mcafee servers through a firewall with out approval either.

                  Thanks for the the help Hayton.

                  Also thanks to peacekeeper for the info