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    security center screen pops open and won't close


      My McAfee Security Center product is part of my MSN membership.  Recently a new version of McAfee Security Center was downloaded automatically.  With this new version, if I open the Security Center for any reason, then close it, it pops open again.  The only way to get it to close is by rebooting my PC.  But then, if I open Security Center, close it, it pops open again.


      I submitted this problem to MSN and they suggested I uninstall McAfee, run a tool called MCPR.exe and reinstall McAfee Security Center.  I have done this and the problem remains.  MSN has now suggested I contact McAfee support for help.


      I am running XP Pro - SP3, MSN version 10 and IE version 8.


      Can you help?

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          Please try the following:


          1.    Make sure you use the internet explorer as your default browser

          2.    If required uninstall Internet Explorer 8.0 to 7.0 and check the status.

          3.    Check for Windows Update, make sure you install all the available updates

          4.    Reboot the computer in Safe Mode and run a complete scan to make sure there are no infections


          Try the above steps and let us know the status