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      On my last scan, McAfee found some unresolved issued, and informed me that it was unable to delete or clean these items.  The 2 threats detected were Artemis!E487712294B1 (Trojan), found in myPrint.exe - full path:  D:\pc\bin\myPrint.exe.   I ran malwarebytes, and nothing was detected.  McAfee is still giving me messages that my computer is infected.  Can someone help me?  Thanks!

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          Artemis is a checker method that looks for virus like activity it can get it wrong. Best way is to zip the file up (password it with password of Infected) and email it subject false +ve to virus_research@mcafee.com


          You will get an auto reply back saying it is infected rep[ly to this saying you feel it is a false +ve and want it manually checked, also add your OS and browser details etc.


          Hopefully it will be sorted out soon