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    Day One Noob Questions about Initial Setup

      I'm trying to do a basic install of HIP to test some issues a Client is reporting while both HIP and my software is installed that does not occur when either is installed alone.


      I downloaded and installed the Orchestrator 4.0 Client and HIP 7.0 IR5 Client to a PC as Trial Software.

      When I run McAfeeFire to try and configure some basic settings, the GUI will not unlock w/o a password.


      Considering that there has not been any cofiguration of anything other than downloading the Orchestrator Client and the HIP 7.0 Client, is there a way to unluck and configure HIP?

      Do I need to Download and install some type of Mgmt Server?  Would I then need to do something to reconfigure the Install Agent to point to that server?


      Sorry for the really basic questions.