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    Agent install date


      Is there a log file that will denote the date that the McAfee Agent was installed?  Furthermore, can it be determined whether it was installed via a push from ePO or if it was installed manually?


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          The most likely file to check would be the installation log - this will be called frminst_<name_of_machine>.log.  This records agent installations, along with the mfeagent.msi log, should tell you when it was installed.

          You can also use this file to deduce if it was a manual install or not: it's not infallible but it's usually fairly accurate:

          A push install will usually be invoked from the directory specified in the system TEMP variable, usually Windows\Temp.

          An install done as part of a deployment task will be invoked from a folder underneath the existing agent folder structure, usually ..\common framework\current\epoagent3000.

          A manual install will normally be invoked from somewhere else


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            Thank you, Joe.  I will take a look