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    Windows 7 AutoUpdate fails when using logged-on account option

      OS: Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate (both with UAC disabled)

      McAfee Enterprise Version: 8.7i

      Scan Engine Version (32-bit): 5400.1158

      Scan Engine Version (64-bit): 5400.1158

      DAT Version: 6238.000

      Installed Patches: 3


      McAfee fails to update when pointed to local repository using either a UNC path or a Local path when "Use logged-on account" option is checked. I am logged is as the local administrator will full admin rights on the machine and full rights to the repository directory.


      McAfee will AutoUpdate from both http or ftp but that is not an option as final destination for machines has no internet access and no local http or ftp servers.



      Win7/Administrator Starting task: AutoUpdate

      Win7/Administrator Unable to find a valid repository

      Win7/Administrator Update process failed


      If I uncheck "Use logged-on account" and specify the admin account and password then it finds the repository and updates fine.

      I have been able to replicate this on 3 different machines in 3 different locations.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.