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    Out of options on Search re-direct problem.  Help?

      I renewed my Security Center subscription a few weeks ago and since then I've been hit with some really nasty viruses.  I picked up a Fake Alert virus that I was able to knock out with Stinger.  Security Center did not protect my computer from this virus.


      More troubling is a search engine re-direct virus that I can't get rid of.  I've done numerous full McAfee scans with system restore off.  I've also done several stinger scans with system restore off--including setting the preferences to repoprt only on the very high level..  I've scanned with Spybot Seach & Destroy, Malware Bytes and Housecall but nothing works.  I still have the problem.  All of these scans say there is no problem.


      I picked this re-direct virus up while using the McAfee safe search tool bar--it didn't protect me.


      I'm getting pretty fed up with McAfee and am thinking of cancelling within my 30 day window.  I've noticed that there are a number of posts in the community (some from quite awhile ago) mentioning how McAfee is just not picking up or protecting users from certain viruses.


      Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on how I can beat this re-direct virus I would greatly appreciate any help.  I'm basically a beginner, so some of the really technical talk here leaves me in the dust.


      Thanks for any help.