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    flvdirect.iamwired.net trouble

      Hi everyone!

      For the past few days, I'm having flvdirect.iamwired.net trouble. Every time I get on the internet, whether it be through Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, I get redirected to http://flvdirect.iamwired.net/. Very annoying indeed.

      I tried the obvious things: resetting my internet start-up page and removing flvdirect from the program list, but both attempts proved unsuccessful. So I ran a McAfee scan in safe mode, but that said everything was fine. Next, I ran Stinger in safe mode as well (see attachment), but the problem just keeps recurring. How did this slip past my McAfee Internet Security? And is there anything either you or I can do to fix this? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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