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    Latest Cox Security Suite update has very slow full scan

      Less than two weeks ago the latest version of Cox Security Suite(Build 10.5.221) powered by McAfee was installed on my desktop as an update on my desktop(Windows XP dual core processor 2GB ram and a 250MB hard drive).  The VirusScan(Build 14.5.130) did its usual scan last Saturday morning and took in excess of seven hours.  For the past few years the scan time has varied from two to two-and-a-half hours.  The total files scanned is in the vicinity of 168,0000.  I had Outlook running at the time, so I wondered if that may have caused the slowdown, although Outlook had never caused a problem before.  This weekend I shut down Outlook prior to the scheduled scan's start.  The same thing happened...almost eight hours to complete a scan.  The number of files scanned was around the same as before, give or take a thousand.  No problems were found other than tracking cookies and I have experienced no problems that would indicate there is an underlying problem other than the new update of the Cox Security Suite.


      Another problem I have with this latest build is that I find it almost impossible to navigate this latest version.  It takes forever to find old quarantined files and I can't figure out how to get the Security Suite to not bother with the tracking cookies.  The cookies have always been there, but the old version of Cox Security Suite ignored them and didn't make a big show of telling me my computer is at risk.   Is there a way to get Cox Security Suite to ignore cookies?


      I've always been pleased with McAfee products, but this latest version has me seriously considering switching to another brand or asking Cox to switch to another brand.


      Has anyone had any luck speaking to Cox's customer service about security issues and how to use the software?



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          Hi Hokiewolf,

          Please go to Navigation > Scheduled Scan Settings.

          Is scan using Minimal resources checked? That could slow down the scan.

          Also: To not find Tracking cookies please go to Navigation > Real time scanning and uncheck Tracking cookies,

          To find Quarantined Files, go to Navigation > Scroll down > Quarantined and Trusted Items.

          You should find them there.

          Good Luck.


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            Thanks, Conor.  I'll give your suggestion of unchecking the minimal usage box, although I'm fairly certain I had that same box checked in the the version previous to this one.  I have my scheduled scans set up for 4am on Saturday morning and if it's done before 7-8am it won't impact my usage of the computer.  I'll report back next Saturday with information on any improvement in the scanning speed.


            As to your suggestion about unchecking the box for tracking cookies in real time scanning, I stumbled across that earlier when my Zap2it TV schedule wouldn't hold my preferred listings.  I unchecked the tracking cookies box then, and it solved the Zap2it problem, but the next scheduled scan showed a problem with 203 tracking cookies and said I needed to deal with them.  I'd prefer the scheduled scan to ignore tracking cookies the way real time scanning now apparently does.  It's kind of alarming to wake up and get in front of the computer and be confronted with a message from McAfee in RED LETTERS(or background can't remember which) telling me there were 203 problems on my computer.  That worked better than any cup of coffee would in waking me up! :-)

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              Hi Hokiewolf,


              I don't think you can exclude things from Scheduled Scans.