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      Every time I would like to empty the quarantined and potentially unwanted programs folder I get an error message. This program is running a certain script continue to run this script may cause your system to be unresponsive and then I get the option to continue running the script  or not. I have not emptied this in almost a year. My system is Windows7. I am using McAffee Security Center.


      My question is if I choose not to continue running the script will it automatically reboot itself next time I use it.

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          I think you are getting this message because you have not deleted the items in the Quarantined and PUP folders for a whole year. That means there are thousands of them to delete, and the McAfee deletion process is slow. I mean, slo-o-o-o-ow. The deletion process would probably take a couple of hours, at least, if my experience is anything to go by.


          The message about the script is entirely accurate. While deletion is taking place, CPU usage goes up to 100 per cent, and stays there. Nothing else is able to have a share of CPU, so your system will definitely become unresponsive.


          If you cancel the deletion, the script will just try to run again next time.


          A better way to delete these items is to find the folder where they are stored, remove its protection, and delete them using standard Windows delete - or do it from a DOS window, that should be faster. Try looking for them in




          - and thanks to Ex_brit for pointing out that the path I gave was incorrect.



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            Thanks for the help.