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    "Hijack Virus" says Microsoft...?

      Hi all!

      I've followed the required reading instructions and did remove 2 somethings, but I'm still having the following trouble:


      My permissions are whacked.  I can't add a Favorite (access denied), can't use the Task Manager (Your adminstrator has disabled this function), and can't change any folder permissions. I'm the administrator so that's a given.

      Ironically, for the Favorites thing, I can Remote Desktop into another computer, go in thru File Manager, and add the Link that way.  So much for permissions.


      Something to note:  At the same time, my harddrive began to fail.  Bad sectors, failing tests, etc.  Dell is replacing it, so that's kind of a moot point right now, but I really want to know what's happening.


      I've read here about apps being hijacked, but the system?  After hanging out reading and asking questions on the Microsoft boards, they've said to come here, because I have a "hijack virus."  Of course, there were no further comments coming, so that's all I have.


      Any suggestions?