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    MyAvert Threat Advisory


      Has anyone else seen this and if so is there a fix?  The DAT in my current repository is 6240 while the previous DAT is 6239.  That makes sense, but as you can see the MyAvert Threat Advisory thinks that the lastest available is DAT 6236.  That does not compute.  Also, although the last check indication is "Failed" I know by the server task log the latest scheduled pull did work.



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          From the screenshot, I see that ePO is trying to communicate to AVERT website but its failing.


          Couple of things needs to be checked.


          1. Make sure that port 8801 is opened from firewall.


          2. AVERT URL should be opened from  http://myavert.avertlabs.com:8801/reportservice.asmx is released from the proxy.


          3. In the ePO server, make sure that you have entered the proxy details correctly (Menu=>Configuration=>server settings=>proxy settings).


          If still issue didn't get resolved then please post EpoApsvr.log file (\Program files\McAfee\ePO\DB\Logs).

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            Thank you for the response.  Your assumption is correct, the port on the firewall was not open to the EPO server.  Once that was corrected the problem was fixed.