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    Security Center Update


      I just got off the phone with my ISP asking if they ever planned on updating their free Security Center software since mine is still version 9.15 and probably from 2009. They said their stuff should be updated during the daily updates, but all I ever get updated are the virus DAT files (very good) and the Site Advisor once...oh yes and my MVT. They said they only have one software and I could try uninstalling my Suite and then reinstalling from them to see if that will update everything.

      My question is....wouldn't that leave me vulnerable for a period of time without protection????

      Also, what is the correct way to completely uninstall all my McAfee products...uninstall and then use the clean up tool or use the clean up tool right away?

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          I have no way of knowing which ISP you have and have no idea as to when they will update their version of the software they provide but if you were getting your software directly from McAfee then you would be using the newer version. The 2011 products should be releasing in the somewhat near future and ExBrit or Peacekeeper may know of a more definite release date than I, but again your ISP, and other providers such as Dell, Comcast, Verizon, etc take longer than if you got it from McAfee directly.


          The answer to your other question is to remove via Add/Remove programs and reboot the computer. Then use the MCPR removal tool to completely remove any remaining files the normal uninstall leaves behind and reboot again. Login to your account and download and install the software again.


          Good Luck

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            These ISPs sometimes take ages. It is nearly a year since 2010 was released and 2011 though in beta might be next year before your isp catches up. 2009 will still protect you and really your isp support should knpw whether uninstall will get you the new version not suggesting your try it. I woul;d assume it would not as otherwise they would have updated the installed 1s.


            Uninstalling reinstalling is usually safe I reactivate windows firewall for the time between and never got a nasty. As a beta admin I uninststall the beta regularly testing it and have not issue.


            I would wait. Maybe email them asking the issue be escalated higher as Mcafee have not say over when their partners update.

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              Both answers I believe were actually correct, guess I could only vote 1.

              I will wait a little bit yet and see what happens. When I called my ISP's customer support, seems like I got India. (Outsourced...anyone see the TV series?) Didn't seem like he knew too much.

              Thank you both for quick responses.