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    Setting UP EPO


      Which material can one purchase to help set up EPO from scratch for the first users?

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          I'm not aware of any material you can buy, well perhaps there are training courses (speak to your supplier).

          Otherwise the user guides that come with the product contain some basics to get you going.

          When it ships ePO 4.6 will include some wizard-style options to get customers up and running directly from the ePO installation process itself if they wish.





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            As someone who is also relatively new to ePO (3-4 months) and still delving into it, I can personally recommend running through the evaluation guide - which I believe you will find under the "Documentation" tab of the ePO 4.5 download page on the McAfee site.


            There's also a number of quick-tip ePO tutorial videos which you will find at http://www.mcafee.com/epo/tutorials (the same location is also hyperlinked from one of the default ePO dashboard screens). In addition to this, there's also the McAfee YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/mcafeetechnical


            If you don't have full SQL Server installation at your disposal, ePO will automatically install an instance of SQLExpress2005. However, you might want to consider downloading and installing SQLExpress2008 instead as the maximum database size increases from 4Gb to 10Gb. Install a SQL2008 instance and when running through the ePO installer, point it to this database instead of getting it to install it's own instance.


            Hope that helps.




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              Thanks for your reply



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                I Appreciate your response