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    Can you remove and then install VirusScan 8.7i via one deployment task


      During our Patch 4 deployment, we have had about 20 systems out of 1900 that have reported to the ePO server that they have no virus software installed. One of our system admins went to check some of the systems and did say that they did have virus software, he also performed a system reboot.


      I managed to find a fix to this issue by running a deployment task that removes VSE 8.7i and then to run another a few minutes later that will install VSE 8.7i.


      My question is: Do we need to run two seperate deployment tasks?


      I did notice that under a deployment task, product and components that you can list multiple tasks. If I do one for remove and then another for install, will McAfee now to run the remove first and then the install? Has anyone tried this?