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    new Threat Category with VSE 8.8?


      Actually we are testing VSE 8.8 (with ePO 4.5) and i noticed that automatic answers for malware detections not triggered.

      With VSE 8.7 all our automatic answers for malware had the Threat Category "Malware detected"

      2011-01-27 16h33_10.png

      Now with VSE 8.8 we have a (test)detection in the Threat Category "Malware (av.pup)" but this category does not exist in the response builder so we cannot create a response for that

      As a workaround we created an automatic answer for the event id, in VSE 8.8 it is 21027 ... in VSE 8.7 it is 1027 for the same malware.

      Are there new event ids for VSE 8.8? And how can i create a rule for the category "Malware (av.pup)" (without endless searching for event ids)?