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    "Unable to Mount SBFS" caused by using Wintech?

      Hmmm. Having some problems here.


      We're testing v5 Wintech Recovery on our Windows XP v5.2.2 clients.


      So far, on a perfectly healthy and encrypted machine, I've run into this issue where, after authenticating and authorising to Wintech on a working machine and then having a browse in WinTech, I'm then restarting the machine to find the "Error 0xe0030002 Unable to mount the SBFS" error on startup. It's seemingly random at the moment, clearly something is upsetting the SB file system while I'm browsing the Wintech Utility.


      I've sent an ISO of the recovery disc I was using over to our Desktop guys for testing and both the testers have seen the same issue on their machines (diff machines to each other and to my test machine).


      Once this has happened, any attempt to authenticate from SBFS results in : "Unable to open the client data store 0xe0050020"


      It is possible to authenticate from Database using the SDB file when this has happened.


      I created the Recovery CD using the CTOGoneWild stuff at: http://simonhunt.wordpress.com/2009/08/25/disaster-recovery-wintech-and-pe3/ (Specifically, I used the MakePCCD2.bat to load all the drivers etc and MakePECD2 v1.06).


      It's Wintech v5.1.7 and I notice that there is no Emergency Boot option in any of the menus, even when authenticated and authorised. Is that normal?


      When working through this with one of our Desktop testers, he said Emergency boot using SafeTech floppy was unsuccessful as SafeTech GUI loads but hangs and does not load the SafeTech code box for entering the daily code. Mouse and KB are unresponsive and Num Lock does not even work.



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          It's not so much Wintech causing the problem, it's Windows - it has a nasty habit of writing junk to newly disovered drives (which is what it seems to do when you mount SBFS).


          The trick is to take the drive offline with diskpart prior to mounting SBFS, then Windows won't get up to any of this stupidity.


          It seems to be more prevalent with W7 versions of WinPE - the old XP derived versions don't get up to this marlarky.

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            Emergency Boot for 5.x works from Floppy drive or bootable CD (that you can create from floppy).

            Issue with hanging is due to USB handback. Disable USB Legacy in BIOS and use latest WinTech utility for EPC 5.x.

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              You guys know that I'm not actually doing anything in the utility once into Wintech i.e I'm not mounting the SBFS, or using 'Mount Drive' (it seems to auto-mount as if I go to A43 File Management after authenticating and authorising, the contents of the local file system is viewable). I am simply authorising / authenticating, opening up a menu or two and then shutting down the machine. Should this Windows issue still be the cause? These are all XP machines by the way, no Win7.


              Peter - Where can I get the latest version of Wintech for WinPE? is the version I'm using not current? I've noticed that there has been a very recent plugin released for thos e that use BARTPE, for versions v5.2.x which sort of suggests to me that my Wintech v5.1.7 might not be suitable for our v5.2.2 clients?


              Using BARTPE not an option in our environment by the way, even though it's probably more reliable (?)

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                .....and disabling USB support stops the USB Floppy drive from being seen to boot to Safetech!

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                  That is why you need to create bootable CD from that floppy. Can use MagicISO for that.


                  You can get WinTech for EEPC 5.2.6 (as part of that product) from McAfee products download site. Just use your grant number.



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                    The floppy may seem like it's frozen but it's just really really slow. I dont know why. Boot again with it, do code of the day and auth from a .sdb on the disk. It will take a good 5 minutes but it will go through.


                    I am struggling with this same error. So far what I've learned about Safeboot is just about every error is non-recoverable. None of these procedures work reliably. When you get a safeboot error, your pretty much screwed and when you open a case with support, they instantly close it without explanation. Sorry to be so negative but this is my experience with the product so far.

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                      Great majority of EEPC/SafeBoot errors or problems are recoverable. You just need to know how to recover.

                      I guess that knowledge is not as widespread as some would wish to be.

                      Please provide details about your cases, otherwise there is not much to comment on.

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                        Boot from floppy instead of CD? Why?? None of our laptops even have floppy drives any more.


                        Use WinTech for everything except for Emergency Boots - it's boatloads faster. We use our own WinPE2 boot CD, which includes network drivers for all our supported hardware. Added WinTech to it, makes it easier for all. (can get on the network, run chkdsk, etc...) I'm tempted to build a bootable USB stick, but haven't had the time yet.


                        After 6 months, you should have a fair collection of "known errors" for your environment, along with the repair process for each. We're above 95% for data recovery--unless there is a physical error with the drive.

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                          95% recovery ? That's great . What's your procedure for recovering " Unable to Mount SBFS " ?


                          Why not share your repair processes for known errors ?

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