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    Browser freezes

      The firewall causes my browser to freeze.  Virtual technician does not run and the chat software does not install - so it is impossible to talk to someone without paying for it.


      Is there any way to speak to a technician without paying for it?

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          Hi Mwilk34,

          Are you sure it's the firewall?

          Try going to Navigation > Firewall > Program Permissions,

          And see if your browser is there.

          Good Luck.


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            How do you determine that those issues are caused by McAfee Firewall. Moreover, when you say Virtual Technician and Chat Applet won’t load – is it giving you any kind of error message? If Yes, then what is the error message that you are getting (enclose screenshots if possible).


            What is the version of McAfee you have and how was that installed to your computer? What is the browser that you are using? If it’s Internet Explorer 9.0 then it’s not compatible with McAfee yet.


            You can also try to reset your browser settings and retry them. Let us know if the issue still persist.

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              I get the below message when installing the chat tool - therefore I can't chat.


              Virtual Technician runs and never ends.


              I know the problem is with with McAfee because I turn off firewall and I have no problems.


              Using IE8.  BTW, same problem occurs on FireFox.


              Software came installed on my Dell.  Version 10.5.221.







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                Whatever you were trying to include in your post doesn't display.  The HTML for the message shows there's nothing there.


                Try taking a screenshot and attaching it to the message, then re-post.

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                  Attached is the error message from chat.

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                    Hello Marc,


                    Well, there may be various reasons for this to occur.


                    ·         Your internet connection settings, need to check whether there is a secure firewall settings enabled in your router

                    ·         Need to find out whether your computer has any other security applications installed

                    ·         You can also try to reset McAfee Firewall to default and retry them