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    mcafee crash

      Yesterday during a right click scan of a file Mcafee crashed.Here is the report below.I noticed in the report that it says version 10.5.216 is this correct??

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          Did you run MVT to check if McAfee was completely up-to-date. Also, did you check if the file, that was scanned dint contain any item that was downlaoded through any external media (that could be malicious)

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            I did run Mvt it came back with nothing.Also i believe the file i scanned pertained to the question i posted 3 days ago.The item in question is modified citrix items and citrix temp files.

            posted here https://community.mcafee.com/message/171619#171619



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              Not sure if my question was lost in the shuffle.I understand there are many questions and other people that need help.I will wait in hopes that someone is looking into this matter & the question pertaining to citrix posted a few days back.                                                                                                               thanks newjack

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                And now that your question regarding recent modification for citrix is been answered on that link. I would say, run a quick clean with McAfee and delete you temporary files (cache) and re-run a scan . You should be good to go

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                  Thanks Dinz,But it really has not been answered.That file is not there under program files.Also  why is a remote approved citrix app(that i don`t have) trying to connect to any where?

                                                                                                                                                                                          Thanks for your time, Newjack

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                    Hi,Since It is Monday i assume the people that have the weekend off are now around.Hopefully i can finally recieve a proper reply to my citrix remote computer Question.Or why my Mcafee security crashed when scanning the citrix(modified) Items on my computer.Since i deleted  citrix from my computer months ago after a session.I am not sure how the core of a program, that is not on my computer. Can try to contact a server???Anyhow I will wait and learn ..... maybe.                                   Thanks newjack