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    webGW7: short DNS vs FQDN problem (DNS suffix)



      Could you please help me what to configure in order to use short DNS names instead of FQDN? Is it possible?


      The problem is, that we would like to access an internal server with its short name, and get from the webgw proxy the error of "The host is not resolvable". This is when using Firefox, using IE throws a 404 error.


      If we try to access "server1", the proxy throws the error abowe. If we try to access the same server with FQDN (server1.test.local), everything is OK.

      I tried to troubleshoot this at the webGW GUI (Troubleshooting -> Network Tools -> nslookup), and got this:

      ;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server


      ;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server








      ** server can't find server1: SERVFAIL



      So DNS is not working on the proxy if using short names. If using FQDN, everything is OK. At the clients the DNS suffix is set, it is coming from the DHCP server. It seems that browsers dont change the URL, and send it without any change to the proxy, and the proxy can handle short names. The webGW proxy is joined to the domain, but does not append the domain name to the end of the short URL.


      Is it possible somehow to give DNS suffix(es) to webGW?  Or how should this problem be solved?






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          Do you have your /etc/resolv.conf configured with a search suffix?


          search mydomain.local mydomain.com sub.mydomain.local



          This should append the domain to the host name. I think it was introduced to do so in version and higher.


          Also, as a general rule, you normally shouldn't proxy internal hosts through a gateway. Exclusions for internal hosts and IP ranges are usually applied in the browser so you don't proxy internal traffic. There are, of course, reasons people want to do this, but it is uncommon.



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            Dear Erik,


            Thanks for your answer, that was what I was looking for. This solved the problem.