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    URL Filter Error?

      Looking for some insight into what this error means.  Have had a 6.8 WG in production for 3 years and 7.x WG in production for 6 months and this is the first time I've ever seen this.





      Internal URL Filter Error

      The URL filter could not work due to an internal error and your  administrator doesn't allow to deliver content without being checked.  Please call your administrator with the error message below.



      (15003) Internal URL filter error






      Additional info:


      If I change the error handler rule of Block all Other Internal URL Filter Errors to have an action of Continue, I think get the following Error


      Rule Engine Error.

      An internal error occured while processing your request.



      URL: http://www.brookdalecreative.com/



      URL Categories:

      Current Rule ID:


      Current Rule Name:

      Social Networking

      Error Message:

      (15003) Internal URL filter error.



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